Just me...

I am a daughter,sister,wife,mum & nan.I have 3 wonderful children & 2 very precious grandchildren.I am always inspired by my family & one of my loves is baking& I love to bake for them.

Baking is therapy for the soul.....lol

~~ ~~ As a child my families menu consisted of two choices: Take it or Leave it ~~~Buddy Hackett

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mukky Elephant

Yes a mukky elephant is what Darragh asked for today ,he wants this elephant on his dinosaur cake for his birthday party on Saturday,now try telling a 5 year old that elephants & dinos didn't exist together & all you get is a blank stare & the words" Nanny don't be silly ....of course they did" convincing enough for me....lol.
This is my first time ever making a fondant animal so don't slate me,I did try....lol

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chocolate biscuit cake

This is my first time covering a biscuit cake with icing,I have to say it was fun & I enjoyed colouring the paste :o)
I used biscuits & kitkat in my cake this time ...

Colouring the icing was fun....lol

The icing was so easy to do,not great but good for my first time :)

I had the bestest little helper also ;o)