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I am a daughter,sister,wife,mum & nan.I have 3 wonderful children & 2 very precious grandchildren.I am always inspired by my family & one of my loves is baking& I love to bake for them.

Baking is therapy for the soul.....lol

~~ ~~ As a child my families menu consisted of two choices: Take it or Leave it ~~~Buddy Hackett

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party cake & cupcakes :)

Yes did some baking for 2 partys this week & we a party at home also,had a great weekend with family & friends :)

Firstly I made a cake for a party at work,didn't take pics of making the fondant decorations as I just didn't have time :(

Here is the cake,I was very pleased with it,sorry about the sheen but I was just after steaming the fondant to get rid of any sugar bits ......lol

I also made some caramel filled cupcakes,I used the basic chocolate cupcake mix..

basic recipe for the cupcakes

8oz Plain Flour
8oz Caster sugar
8oz Real butter
1 Tsps of madagascar vanilla
4 Free range eggs
1 1/2 Tblsps organic Green & Blacks Cocoa powder
2 Tsp of baking powder

Beat butter until pale in colour
Add sugar & beat for 5 mins
Add eggs one by one & then add vanilla beat slowly
Combine flour,cocoa & baking powder together & sift into bowl,mix very slowly for
2 minutes only.
Scoop into your cases & bake at 155 in a fan oven for 15 mins..

When the cakes cooled I scooped a little of the centre out ......

Then I filled with Caramel ....

Then I iced with chocolate buttericing to which I added a little coffee to bring out the flavour a little more :)

The I made plain chocolate cupcakes & added icing & decorations :)

Made vanilla cupcakes & decorated with orange icing also :)
Again the basic cupcake mix omitting the chocolate :)

Thanks for looking :)

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