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I am a daughter,sister,wife,mum & nan.I have 3 wonderful children & 2 very precious grandchildren.I am always inspired by my family & one of my loves is baking& I love to bake for them.

Baking is therapy for the soul.....lol

~~ ~~ As a child my families menu consisted of two choices: Take it or Leave it ~~~Buddy Hackett

Friday, September 24, 2010


No it is not a typo,yes today I baked Halloween cookies with my grandson just because he bought the cutters yesterday....lol.
Being the crazy grandmother I am I agreed & learned much in the process......Example that yes I can finally make cookie dough,do not attempt to decorate without outlining first.....lol.Little lessons but hugely valuable :):)

 Firstly I had my little chef onboard & finally allowed him to use the mixer for the first time,in his words " Being 5 is all about learning & how can I learn if you don't allow me Nanny" well what can I say I allowed him & he is well capable :):)

 Picture of our perfect cookie dough,maybe the fact that a 5 yr old made it with me might have something to do with it being perfect....lol

Rolled out & ready to chill for 2 whole hours,we baked cupcakes whilst we waited ;)

 Finally chillin time was up & we got to cutout the cookies :)

 Finally baked & outlined after lesson learned....lol

Colours I mixed for the cookies....

Icing on & ready to decorate :)

Chief taster :)

 & may I add bowl licker....lol,as a child this was my favourite part of baking with my mum :)

 Thanks for looking

Jeany x

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  1. I am loving this blog Jean, trouble is I get hungry every time I visit LOL